How is New Technology Affecting Clinical Trials Services?

October 2017

Technology is changing the face of clinical trials services, making them faster, less expensive and more accessible to participants around the world. With emerging and evolving software and an ever-growing digital focus, the event of a shift in the way the industry views clinical trial services is just around the corner.

It’s important to remember that, with rapid innovations and changes in clinical trial technology, the landscape will constantly change.

How is technology changing the face of clinical trials?

Minimising Safety Issues Through Protocol Design

One area of clinical trials that is being transformed is protocol design. New technology to help crowdsource protocols for clinical trials, as well as online databases to help detect protocol violations and minimise duplicate enrolments are just some of the changes in the way clinical trials are being optimised to reduce changes throughout the trial and improve protocol design.

By improving protocol design, clinical trial service professionals can lower costs as well as speed up the process of new products entering the market.

Site Selection and Launch

Technology is also shaping the landscape of how sites are selected for clinical trials, as well as the process of launching them. This is due to new, online tools for site selection as well as those to find the right sites and patient populations.

As well as this, teams are digitising the consent and startup process for clinical trials, shortening the time frame for launch to weeks or even days.

“Siteless” Clinical Trials

Recently, “siteless” clinical trials have been on the rise. This type of trial can help to reduce costs and reach a wider range or participants. They can also help to simplify administration as well as improve data capture from participants.

Technology is aiding this process through the use of apps and devices, however, it’s important to understand that safety can be affected. Therefore, many trials using this approach are opting to have a portion of the study within a CRO and undertake the remainder remotely.


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