Clinical Trial Supply Management

The demands of clinical trial supply are constantly evolving, with the industry moving towards ever-more-elaborate studies and adaptive clinical trial designs. The progressive developments created by such factors can cause challenges for the clinical supply chain; so, when it comes to clinical trial supply management, it’s vital to choose a partner who sticks to first principles and understands how to respond to changing or evolving priorities.

How Can Client-Pharma CTS Help?

At Client-Pharma CTS, we stay ahead of changes in clinical trial supply. We’re a dynamic clinical trial management partner who can respond to your demands swiftly without getting stuck in layers of bureaucracy and take potential lead times & costs into account well in advance. This will keep up the pace so that you can change direction quickly if needed.

We pride ourselves on our excellent awareness and knowledge of up-and-coming changes to rules or regulations for the countries involved with your clinical trial supply, allowing for the adjustment of purchasing/supply plans and to reduce waste. Planning ahead and agreeing standards up front will ensure that the effects of unexpected events that affect the clinical trial supply chain are mitigated as far as possible.

Client-Pharma CTS – Your Partner for Clinical Trial Management

At Client-Pharma, we provide solutions to ensure your clinical trial supply management is as robust and efficient as possible. We plan ahead for possible changes; our strategic sourcing and supply plans ensure fast, accurate and reliable pharmaceutical supply every time. Our extensive experience in managing clinical trial supply and procurement means we are the standard for best practice. This expertise makes us a long-term, trusted partner of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies.

For support or to find out more information about clinical trial management, clinical trial solutions and comparator sourcing, see our website. You can also contact us via email ( or telephone (0044 1283 260054).