Clinical Studies

We understand that clinical studies come with unique complexities. We provide a flexible, innovative and transparent approach to managing these requirements with the care you deserve.

At Client-Pharma CSG we provide access to the medicines, products and services needed to run successful clinical studies in all stages of clinical research. We know where to look, whether you need concomitant medicines, adjuvant therapies, consumables or that hard-to-find medicine as the comparator for your pivotal study.

Why do You Need Client-Pharma CSG?

Clinical studies are constantly evolving, with more data being collected in reflection to an increasingly complex environment. New technology, regulations, legislation and reforms in the pharmaceutical sector result in an environment that is always evolving.

At Client-Pharma CSG, we understand that your clinical studies are a step towards discovery. Our dedicated clinical studies services team are ready to help you implement and manage your trials locally and internationally. Our innovative methods are fast and flexible, and our expertise guarantees that the best options will always be explored to get your patients the medicines they need.

Unparalleled Expertise in Clinical Studies Worldwide

Client-Pharma CSG’s dedicated clinical studies team have over 60 years’ experience in offering unparalleled solutions to Manufacturers, Sponsors and CRO’s on an international scale.

Through our outstanding reputation, we have built strong partnerships and global networks to provide our customers with everything needed for their clinical studies.

We understand the risks associated with global procurement, storage and distribution for clinical trials. Our team understands the importance of a short supply chain and accountability. We provide batch traceability, in-house supporting documentation and temperature data. We will always advise you on availability of key documentation such as a Certificate of Analysis (CofA) Certificate of Conformance (CofC).

At Client-Pharma CSG, our in-depth knowledge of pharmaceutical markets means we provide efficient global clinical studies management in line with regulatory requirements and are equipped for changes, reforms and developments of the future. This is paired with the ability to source and supply pharmaceutical products globally. To find out more, contact us via email ( or telephone (0044 1283 260054).