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Counterfeit Meds: What is Being Done to Fight the Problem?

January 2018

Counterfeit medication is a billion-pound industry that affects hundreds of thousands of people around the world every year. The number of illegitimate and counterfeit medicines across the globe is becoming increasingly concerning, as they have even been appearing in the legitimate medical supply chain. Between 2011 and 2015, drug counterfeiting around the world increased by […]

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How is Automation Helping to Optimise Clinical Trials?

December 2017

Clinical trials are growing increasingly complex, which means they’re likely to cost more and take up a lot of time for professionals and patients alike. The average clinical phase duration of drug development is now estimated at 6.8 years, a 15% increase over levels observed 10 years ago. Technological advances and the inclusion of more […]

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Boosting Clinical Trial Recruitment

November 2017

At Client-Pharma, we know that recruiting patients to participate in clinical trials isn’t always easy. There are many barriers that can affect clinical trial recruitment, including the way patients think about clinical trials in the first place. This may be due to incorrect information or a lack of awareness. What are some ways that clinical […]

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How is New Technology Affecting Clinical Trials Services?

October 2017

Technology is changing the face of clinical trials services, making them faster, less expensive and more accessible to participants around the world. With emerging and evolving software and an ever-growing digital focus, the event of a shift in the way the industry views clinical trial services is just around the corner. It’s important to remember […]

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The Future of Clinical Trials – What Can We Predict?

September 2017

Clinical trials are constantly evolving, with more data being collected in reflection to an increasingly complex environment. New technology, regulations, legislation and reforms in the pharmaceutical sector result in an environment that is always evolving. What does the future hold for clinical trials and what changes can we expect? Siteless Clinical Trials Siteless clinical trials […]

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